If you are new to Fairview, Life Groups are the first and most effective entry point into our church. It's where you will find ministry and Bible teaching in a small group setting. If you're a member, it's the most essential ministry in which you could be involved. 


Sundays at 9:00 am

(M=Main Building, A=Annex Building)


Babies - Mary Sue Moore, Annie Knott, Sue Spivey, Cindy Ohms  (M120)
Toddlers - Cindy Giebel, Brendae Hughes  (M119)
2-3 Year Olds  - Cindy Simmons, Melissa Landers, Krista Baughn  (M121)
4 Year Olds  - Kay Buchanan, Nedra McDonald  (M123)
K-5 Years Old  - Heather Passineau, Ellie Puente  (M124)
Extended Care - Juanita Murray, Lindsey Fescoe


1st-2nd grade  - Kim Johnson, Paula Maine  (M118)
2nd grade  - Audrey Beam, Girly Ramirez  (M109)
4th grade  - Nona Hardy, Rae Moody  (M134)
5th grade  - Robert and Kim Doreauk  (M135)


Middle School Girls  - Deidre Furst, Missy Meece  (A203)
Middle School Boys  - Rob Willis, Judd Meece, Matt Daniels  (A206)
High School Coed  - Mike and Denise Smith, Aaron and Kim Ogburn  (A202)


College and International Students - Byron and Marcia Wingerd, Dan and Kristen O'Brien (A104)
Singles Group - Brian Polk, Jenny Castelli, Fred Schwartz, Rodney Sears (A101)
Young Married - Matt Capps, Nate Johnson (A102)
Salt Group (All Ages) - Ted Williams (A106)
Ladies of Grace  (Women of All Ages) - Pam McMcall, Ruth Hufford (A107)
Family Furst Life Group  (Parents of Children & Youth)  - Jeff Furst, Brian Passineau, Greg Smith (A200)
Connections  (Parents of Youth) - Bryant Madore, Ron Ferrell (A 110) 
Empty-Nesters  - Fred Hardy, Chris Irwin (A108)
Genesis (50+)  - Scott Barnes, Ron Lindamood (M101)


Archie and Teresa Jones (International Students)
Brian Castelli, Larry Lawson
Lai Salmonson 

For more information about our Off-Campus Life Groups contact the church office at